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9th Place DNA Tuider Pays Courtesy Visit To Boakai

By Bill W. Cooper

The standard bearer of the Democratic National Allegiance (DNA), William Tuider, and team, have paid a courtesy visit to President-elect Joseph Boakai at his residence, congratulating him on his victory as President of Liberia.

Amid a warm and friendly atmosphere, Tuider commended Boakai and the entire Rescue Team on their victory, acknowledging the collective will of the Liberian people who participated in the country’s Presidential and Legislative elections.

Their discussions covered a range of critical topics, including infrastructure development, healthcare, education, job creation, diplomacy, good governance, and environmental sustainability.

The meeting underscored the need for collective effort, cooperation, and inclusive policies in shaping Liberia’s future.

Tuider’s visit comes as a symbol of making a strong and united front for the betterment of Liberia, as both political figures expressed their commitment to working together meticulously, in order to address the urgent needs and aspirations of the nation.

Tuider, who was one of the 19 candidates that battled incumbent President, George M. Weah, for the country’s Presidency, during the meeting, also emphasized the importance of rebuilding Liberia and fostering a sense of national unity and progress.

The DNA political leader further seized the opportunity to share his vision with the President-elect of a new Liberia for Liberians, highlighting the pressing need for collective effort and cooperation to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Speaking after their meeting, Tuider stated that his visit to Boakai’s home was to congratulate him on his victory and offer his team’s support and willingness to work with him for the forward match and progress of the country.

He also talked about the importance of inclusive governance, which brings various stakeholders together to contribute to the decision-making process, ensuring that Liberian voices and interests are heard and represented at all levels of the government.

Meanwhile, during the visit, both leaders exchanged ideas and talked about the impact that corruption has on the country, and thus discussed ways of fostering transparency and enhancing good governance.

Tuider emphasized the need for robust institutions that can safeguard democratic principles and ensure that the rule of law is upheld, and thereby agreed that by addressing corruption head-on, Liberia stands for a rebirth and progress.

Furthermore, Tuider stressed the importance of preserving Liberia’s natural resources while promoting environmentally responsible practices and creating opportunities for eco-friendly businesses that can contribute to job creation and economic growth.

In response, President-elect Boakai thanked the team for the visit, assuring them of his commitment and willingness to ensure that Liberia, under his leadership, becomes a beacon of hope for its citizens both home and in the diaspora.

He added that under a Boakai-Koung leadership, no one Liberian will be left behind, assuring that his first and foremost vision is to reconcile the country for a collective effort in building a new Liberia for all Liberians.

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