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3 Deaths, 13 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Reported

By Bill W. Cooper
The government of Liberia has recorded three deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19, with the number of confirmed cases escalating to 13, while three have recovered from the virus in the country.It was earlier announced on Saturday, April 4, 2020 by the Health Minister, Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah that the country has recorded its first death of a 72-year old male who she said died at the Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA) Hospital on the Robertsfield Highway in Paynesville, after taking samples of his blood for test which she said later proved positive.
Appearing on state radio yesterday, Dr. Jallah said that the country has also recorded additional three new COVID-19 cases, with two believed to be a male and female showing several signs and symptoms, stating that before health workers could come on the scene, both of them had already died according to their test results.
According to the Health Minister, the three deaths of the virus victims did not occur in any treatment or isolation center, but instead, may have died at home or in another hospital, indicating that out of the three, one is said to be a healthcare worker, while one case is also a foreign national.
She noted that in addition to the confirmed cases, two lab technicians from EarlBert Lab and Aspen Lab became infected through contact with the sixth case, who is the assistant minister for planning and programming at the Ministry of Public Works, James Reynolds, exerting that those who are running labs have to be careful because they do not know which patient they are facing or interacting with.
Dr. Jallah then urged contacts of the new cases to report themselves at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex, where a testing center has been established, to be tested for the virus, while at the same time called on the citizenry to continue to abide by the measures put in place by health authorities.
However, Information Minister, Eugene Nagbe said that with the new update, the President and a Special Presidential Committee on the pandemic is currently reviewing the situation in the country and could institute stronger measures to enforce adherence to health protocols.
Minister Nagbe insisted that there is no stigma associated with the Coronavirus and that people do not need to go into hiding when they can get treated for the virus, alluding, “World leaders and celebrities around the world who became infected have made their stories known and sought treatment.”
He averred, “There are people still converging in large groups, still not washing their hands and are still violating all of the protocols that the Minister outlined in her statement. So, we should focus on enforcing those and creating more awareness.”
As of April 5, 2020, the country now has 13 confirmed cases; seven are alive; three have recovered, with no suspected cases; three confirmed deaths and three new cases were recorded yesterday, April 5, 2020.
Out of the 13 confirmed cases, two are confirmed health workers, with 605 contacts listed, with 78 being health workers as contacts; 168samples were collected, with three symptomatic contacts; 188 contacts followed; 86 high risk and one county affected.

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