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3 American Clergymen Due In August

Three American clergymen- Evangelist Michael Bowen, Bishop Bruce Bingham and Evangelist Michael Spradlin are expected to arrive in Liberia for a Liberia Fire Fall Crusade and Leadership Conference August 22 September 2, 2020.
The three are men of God form the Sons and Daughters of Thunder and Liberation Christian Ministry USA. They will be guests of Pastor Boimah Duwah of Word of Life Ministries and Life Preparatory Academy in Caldwell.
The clergymen will be bringing the Gospel to Liberia and will be evangelizing, baptizing believers in Jesus name, facilitating school construction, and multi-purpose center for zogoes in Caidwell, feeding the poor and homeless/senior citizens.
The Liberia Fire Fall Crusade is expected to start at 5:00pm on Monday August 24, at the Light of Life Free Revelatory Ministries Conference Hall on Sass Town Drive Bumport Market, Caldwell, while in the morning session would start at 9:00am daily.
According to Pastor Duwah, who is the host, while in the country, the team will be doing a construction for a home for war-affected youths commonly known as “Zogoes” whom lived in palm grove cemetery and other cemeteries.
The would also be a special revival service for the Zogoes at the Center Street Cemetery, during which time hot food, clothing, safe drinking water and medication would be provided.
They will also be constructing a multi-purpose center for training and empowering them. Also they will be constructing a high school in Caldwell to cater for the less fortunate and orphans.
Evangelist Bowen was once a drugs addict who stole from people on the streets of Austin TX only to satisfy his drugs habit for 25 years. Today he is traveling around the world to preach the Gospel.
The guests are expected to be in the country for 12 days. For more information, Orb 0777153391.

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