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On CDC Political Future: Lester Tenny’s Words Against Weah’s Ambition?

By Bill W. Cooper
Lester Tenny, a staunch stalwart of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) says their political leader, George Weah, did nothing to desire reelection after amassing so much wealth.
As the CDC considers its future direction, the fervent declaration by Tenny that President Weah will never run on the CDC ticket again in 2029, serves as a strong indication of growing discontent within the party.
Tenny on Spoon Talk a fortnight ago made strong declarations regarding President Weah’s political future within the party, ahead of 2029 and future elections.
In what seemed to be a belated analysis but in a much more frantic tone, Tenny vowed that the Liberian leader will never run on the CDC ticket again, in 2029 or future elections, an assertion that has sent shockwaves through the country’s political theater.
The seasoned Liberian economist’s statement stems from what he perceives as President Weah’s failure to alleviate Liberians from poverty, coupled with his inability to address issues of bad governance, rampant corruption, and the acquiring of unexplained wealth during his tenure.
Lester Tenny, a highly respected figure within the CDC, has been an integral part of the party’s ideology and very vocal during the six years of the CDC government, advocating for social reforms, economic progress, and good governance, among others.
However, Tenny’s assertion comes amidst Weah’s decision to re-contest the Liberian Presidency in 2029, following his defeat to Unity Party (UP) during the just ended November 14, 2023 Presidential Run-off election.
The Liberian leader, in his concession speech, called on his party members to regroup and adapt their strategies for the next election in 2029, emphasizing the importance of peaceful transition of power and respect for the democratic process.
“I urge you to follow my example and accept the results of the election. Go home tonight with the knowledge that our ideas and vision for Liberia remain strong. We are a young movement and our time will come again.
The CDC has lost the election but Liberia has won and it is time to place country above personal interest. I remain your President until the handover of power and I will continue to work for the good of Liberia,” he said.
Weah whose ambition is to reclaim the country’s Presidency also publicly expressed his disappointment in his party, lamenting the insincerity within the CDC, which, he said, contributed to his defeat.
In a more frustrated tone, the Liberian leader further pointed fingers at his party’s executives and those who contested in the October 10 polls, accusing them of not doing much to ensure his re-election victory.
The President also emphasized that without unity within the CDC, victory is not guaranteed, maintaining that he would not allow himself to be used as a sacrificial lamb to satisfy a few, while potentially plunging Liberia into a civil crisis.
He added, “I will not be the sacrificial lamb. We will not sacrifice our children, friends, and families for people’s desires. I did not take a decision, as I recognized we were defeated because we defeated ourselves and there was no need to fight.”
On the disunity within the CDC, President Weah asserted, “I hear people saying, ‘In 2029, we will bounce back,’ but we will only bounce back if we are sincere to ourselves. Stop the division, apply the rules, and support the party and those on the party’s tickets.”
However, this assertion by the CDC Standard Bearer has since angered Lester Tenny, who openly differed with the President by saying, “I don’t blame you but I blame the likes of myself for campaigning for you in 2017.”
“So, you’re telling me now that it’s today CDCians are insincere and ungrateful after coming to the Presidency as a result of our sweat and blood? Mr. Weah, you are a failure and a rogue whose interests has since been to get rich at the detriment of the ordinary people.
See what you have caused this country after coming to our party like a savior, but in six years’ time, you have amassed unexplained wealth, built mansions, made your family and in laws rich with your failed governance policy,” he added.
According to Tenny, in the coming years, he, along with others CDC stalwarts, will be embarking on the rebranding of the party, noting, “We will rebrand our party without Weah, but no more CDC will allow you to have a voice in that party.”
On the issues of the CDC’s defeat to the UP, Tenny further accused President Weah of being the reason why he was not reflected by the citizenry over his decision to abandon the party’s structure.
“How do you think you were going to win election when in fact you took funny, funny girls to be your campaign mobilizers? You formed your campaign without even giving credence to the party structure.
You brought funny, funny girls, commercial agents who were sleeping all in Lebanese men’s swimming pools, thinking that you will win elections. You are the worst President Liberia ever had and an ingrate to the party and thousands of Liberians that made you,” he added.
Tenny described President Weah as a tragic failure and the worst thing to have ever happened to Liberia and Liberians, highlighting the pressing issue of poverty, mysterious killings, and lack of accountability and transparency across Liberia.
He added that substantial efforts to uplift the nation’s most vulnerable citizens had not materialized despite the initial optimism surrounding President Weah’s rise to power in 2017, leaving poverty rates stubbornly high.
Tenny also accused President Weah of inadequate governance, suggesting that his administration has not effectively addressed key institutional challenges, ranging from transparency and accountability to the fight against corruption.

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