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23 Motorcyclists Sent To Prison In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
Twenty-three motorcyclists have been sent to the central prison in Sanniquellie awaiting trial in connection with the riot in demand justice.
The motorcyclist in their call for speedy court trial went on the rampage damaging properties as a result of what they termed as identity crisis of a deceased motorcyclist released by the Gompa Funeral Home.
Revealing the information, the County Solicitor assigned at the Magisterial Court in Ganta, Stephen Quoi, said the motorcyclists are currently at the government palace of correction in the County.
Atty Quoi explained that the 23 motorcyclists were arrested by the Liberia National Police in connection with the November 27, 2020 riot carryout in the commercial city in Ganta, Nimba County.
On November 27, thousands of motorcyclists staged a demonstration in Ganta which left the police station and the Gompa Funeral Home damaged and several other properties damaged while the Regional Police Commander, Morris Teanma got injured.
Attorney Quoi added the arrested motorcyclists were charged for Rioting, Criminal Mischief, Theft of Property, Menacing, Criminal Facilitation, Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Solicitation and Sample Assault.
Motorcyclist Samuel Selleh, was on March 6, 2020, allegedly attacked and killed by the former Executive Officer (EO) Sansee Cole assigned at Ganta Police Station who is behind bars at the central prison awaiting court trial in the county.
Before November 27, 2020, demonstration in Ganta, the Motorcycle Union’s Regional Coordinator Emmanuel Sartee had on several occasions threatened demonstration if the court does not render verdict in the death of motorcyclist Samuel Selleh.
This is the third riot recorded in Ganta in less than three years in which several properties were damaged thus creating fear among the citizenry.

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