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2020 Christmas And New Year Message Delivered By Honorable Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr. Former Vice President Of Liberia December 24, 2020

My Fellow Liberians

Kartumu and I, in my humble capacity as your Former Vice President, along with our children, take this opportunity to wish you and your family Happy Holidays!

This time of the year is described  as the ‘Happy Holidays’ season because it is supposed to be a festive season – a time of joy , celebration, and peace.

But, in my estimation of the present hardship in our country, the expected festive season of 2020 in Liberia cannot be translated into a period of joy and celebration for the majority of our fellow citizens who continue to languish in abject poverty, many of whom may by now have lost any sense of HOPE for a better future.

My Fellow Liberians

Despite the hardships and challenges we face as a people and nation, I still want to bring you a message of HOPE and PEACE.

The present government came to power on the mantle represented by the slogan: Change for Hope.  While most of us have not seen any Change in our lives for the better, we must still keep Hope ALIVE!

My Fellow Liberians

On December 8, 2020, most of you as voting citizens began the process of keeping HOPE alive by taking seriously your Constitutional rights and duties to remove some of the obstacles you felt were contributing to the death of hope in our country.  We thank you for this act of patriotism and nationalism.

As we enter 2021, I call on us all to continue to protect our Constitution, using the rights enshrined in this organic document to maintain and sustain our Democracy through the power vested in us as people and citizens of Liberia to derive ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ despite the leadership we find ourselves saddled with.

As we enter the New Year, we pray that Jesus Christ, whose birth we must celebrate regardless of the circumstances of our individual lives, will endow us with his teachings of love and goodwill towards each other, becoming our ‘Brother’s Keeper’ during this Christmas time by cultivating HOPE for a better Liberia, for as the old saying goes: ‘Where there is life, there is hope!”

The previous government, with all of its shortcomings, fought hard to rebuild the fiber of our nation and to maintain the PEACE after our devastating 14 years of civil conflict.  I was a part of that past government, and I know, even then and now, that the overwhelming credit for sustaining the Peace we continue to enjoy today lies with you, my fellow citizens, who continue to be RESILIENT and DETERMINED in building a BETTER Liberia for yourselves, your children, and unborn generations.

I therefore ask of you not to lose your yearning for HOPE and PEACE as we enter 2021 and beyond!

My Fellow Liberians

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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