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The Government of Liberia has revealed through the Ministry of Education that approximately 6,000 teachers are needed within public schools.
The Legislature and Executive Branches have made available additional US$ 4 million within the national budget towards hiring more teachers in the classrooms.
The Ministry of Education along with the Civil Service Agency are working towards the employment of 2,000 new teachers who will be placed on the government’s payroll because most public schools’ teachers are said to have been volunteering for years.
Meanwhile, teachers who have been volunteering will be prioritized as well as credentials will be taken into consideration because rendering services free does not qualify one to being a teacher.
The Acting Deputy Minister of Education said, “Recognizing the absence of teachers, we have to set the precedence by uprooting unqualified teachers if the system will be better therefore, we got to plug out all of them from within the system.”
Striving with the progress of upgrading the educational system, the Acting Deputy Minister Da-Thong unveiled plans of awarding teachers with the Ministry of Education’s handsome award.
There have been a committee set up with many experienced educators for transparency and there will be distinguished statesmen and women during the vetting process.
The process of award is each county will select the ‘Best Teacher of the Year’ adding, “We are doing this so teachers somewhere can be motivated, so teachers in the villages in Nimba can say I will do my best to win that award and that teacher will improve in terms of lesson delivery, punctuation and will do everything in a classroom that will make him a good teacher.”

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